New York City
We talked towards the end of the waiting, you go to BMCC and were studying business administration. The name you said was Leila but I don't know how it was spelled. I got off 1 stop before you on the 7 and completely forgot I could ask you for insta or anything. I don't know if you liked me or were just being friendly because of the shitty situation but you were so pretty and had lighter brown eyes. We talked about TV shows for a bit and the shitty form we had to do, also the tomato man lmao

Even if its a no, I would like a response just because I'm really kicking myself in the ass for not asking. I said see you in 6 years for the next trial (how the hell did I forget to get info 😭). I hope I see you before then or maybe never. I was really shy but I hope you will forgive that.
Posted: Monday. July 01, 2024.
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