New York City
I had this in my notes app but I didn’t submit until now!

Hottie on the M train uptown
9:05AM I got on at delancey & he was in the subway car I entered, he stood in the corner and I was next to him at the door
He got off at the next stop :(
Light brown/beige linen pants (so sick)
Beige Nike sneakers
Dark t shirt
AirPod max headphones 🎧
Silver watch but left hand in pocket so couldn’t see if he had a ring
Dark brown leather backpack
Tan skin, dark hair/features
5’10 maybe

I’m cute 5’4 long hair brunette and I was wearing black pants, black mesh ballet flats, white tank top and I was lookin at you …
Posted: Monday. July 01, 2024.
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