New York City
Saturday, June 29, around 11:30pm at The Levee in Williamsburg. You had long, dark hair and were wearing jeans, pointy white shoes, and a gray corset-style top. I was the guy with curly, dirty blonde hair who was wearing a black tank top with a crying fish logo on the front and back (from the Greenpoint bar Minnows). For a while, you were sitting at the bar with another guy drinking what looked like Cokes. I wasn't sure if he was your bf, but you eventually got up and said a goodbye that made it seem like you'd just met that night. You and I then made brief eye contact while you were talking to a friend. Then you joined the bathroom line behind where I was sitting on the other side of the bar. By the time you came out, I had left with my friends, but I wished I'd stayed and talked to you. I thought you were beautiful.
Posted: Sunday. June 30, 2024.
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