New York City
there was a tall white guy in his 20s waiting for the train at 14th and Union Square who was dressed really well on june 29 ~3:30am. from my memory, he had a mustache, black headphones, an open white long sleeve button down shirt, white tank underneath, long black pants, a baseball cap, what looked like white sambas, and a white tote bag. i was wearing a cream short sleeve button down, light tan cargo pants, green and white sambas, a green NY ald hat. when he got off on 77th, he looked at me while i sitting in the train and i looked back as he kept walking. he looked back two more times while i followed his eyes and we just stared intensely like star-crossed lovers destined to meet. i wanted so badly to waive and get off the train but it was now after 4am and i was heading home after a night out. if u remember me, please come find me.
Posted: Saturday. June 29, 2024.
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