New York City
Late 30’s aquarius man, creative/designer type (whatever you wanna call it) looking for someone to chill with, have dinners with, go to things like bars clubs concerts exhibitions, the like. Someone cool, with nice style, some sense of humor, intellect is cool, I don’t think I’m that bright, so you’d yin me or yang me. Idk. That’s one of many things that we could talk about on that first date. That and your favorite Biden clapback. If you’re looking for a benefactor or financier, maybe hit up a bar near wall st. Looking solely for some female companionship that could lead to marriage, kids, a house in Richmond Hill away from the bullshit. Also, want a date to my 20th HS reunion and to a concert I want to go to.
Posted: Friday. June 28, 2024.
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