New York City
I was at marquee last Saturday 6/15 (blasterjaxx) and nearing the end of the night I sat up on the benches in the back where the bottles/tables are and there was this tall (prob 6’2?) very handsome, dark (brown/black) perfectly curled haired, slightly slicked back, tan (a very tan Italian maybe?) guy to my left. He sort of resembles Noah Centineo (when he had curly slightly longer hair). 🫣 He was there with a few of his friends at a table. He was wearing a white polo button down. I sat for a bit just enjoying the music, he came over and sat next to me. Very loud, so conversation was minimal, but vibes were high. He had his arm around my waist for a bit & we had a cute moment where we’re were screaming to linkin park together. I didn’t catch his name.. and he had to leave as his friends were wanting to go. All I know is he is from Long Island 😅. If this is you… hi! 🫣
Posted: Tuesday. June 25, 2024.
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