New York City
I was at Los Tacos No. 1 on Lafayette tonight around 8pm at a table eating tacos with my guy friend and dog, when this really good looking man walked in with two older women and an older gentleman. I believe he was with his parents or family who were visiting from out of town. Immediately when he walked in we made eye contact, he was a bit taller than 6 foot, he had brown blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes, a blue casual fit collard blazer with a darker shirt underneath,Jeans (loose fit) and white all stars. He looked to be around 30. He definitely looked like he was French (I could be wrong there). When I finished eating, I waited outside on the bench with my friend and dog in order to try to make a move, but when he walked out, I felt awkward talking to him with his family around. He looked me up and down as he was walking out though. Would love to find out who he is :-)
Posted: Wednesday. June 12, 2024.
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