New York City
Hey there, thanks a bunch for swooping in to save the day while I was having troubles with the kiosk! I was feeling like a lost puppy and I'm a bit of an introvert, so I don't usually ask for assitance. What was more memorable, was when you took the time to chat with me while we waited for our boba orders. I genuinely loved our conversation?turns out we have a few things in common! I was a little too shy to ask for your socials before I dashed off with my drinks. What I do remember is that you just wrapped up grad school in Boston, you're based in Connecticut, and you like to hang out in the city during the weekends? If you happen to come across this, I'd really enjoy the chance to get to know you better?even though I'm on the verge of moving to Boston for work!
Posted: Monday. May 27, 2024.
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