New York City
You were at Ray?s on Saturday night, stood mostly on the very back wall with some friends(?), between a small table and the back exit. Maybe looked a little older than the rest of the crowd there, but so am I (slightly). When you were standing at the bar, I caught you looking several times?I wasn?t feeling my best that night and thought you were wildly attractive. My friends even caught you looking over several times when I wasn?t. You looked like you wanted something interesting to happen. I was so close to squeezing through the crowd to talk to you?if I wasn?t imagining you might be interested, please let me know. More descriptors: You: Brown hair, impeccable jawline, organized scruff, tall, possibly cargo shorts? Me: Brown hair, loose & tied black, button-up shirt with little painted flowers on it, black 90s jeans
Posted: Tuesday. May 21, 2024.
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