New York City
I never do things like this - but I think you may be the only random person on this planet I truly regret not speaking to - so here it is. I saw you on 23rd street between fifth & sixth avenue right in front of eataly and the Lego store at around 5 - 5:15 pm on Thursday May 9. I was the girl in the pink apple headphones - brown/blonde long hair. I assumed you were around my age (25-30) maybe you were a bit older. You were obviously coming home from work, white button up shirt and black pants. You looked like that singer from panic at the disco from a profile - Brendon urie. In any case, I noticed you kept turning around to look at me and we split off when I went into the PATH station on 23rd and as soon as I went down I wished I had introduced myself. Maybe we?ll meet again! :)
Posted: Friday. May 10, 2024.
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