New York City
Isabel, I believe in the power of attraction at first sight, and seeing you for the first time the night of May 1, was truly impressive. You walked into the West Village Bar where I work, radiating an energy that captivated me. I only wanted to focus on you, eager to engage with you but due to my prior commitment to another woman visiting me at the bar that night. I couldn?t just ignore her for you. As fate would have it, my plans interrupted our potential conversation, and I felt obligated to honor them. However, I couldn't help but wait for your return from the restroom, hoping to catch another glimpse of you. As I left with my friend, our brief exchange of pleasantries left me yearning for more. I wish I didn't have to leave that day, and I sincerely hope our paths cross again. I want to continue our conversation and explore a possible connection. If you're the Isabel I'm thinking of, I hope that you get that gig so that, I can see you more often. Please reach out or return to the bar and ask for me, and let's reconnect. Franco.
Posted: Monday. May 06, 2024.
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