New York City
I was cat sitting near my place earlier this week and stopped for a morning coffee at Arabica in Dumbo around 8am on Monday, and this super cute guy and I were the only two customers. We both ordered and while we were waiting for our coffees, his dog walked over to me and was loving the pets I was giving her. He walked over after grabbing his coffee and started to pet her too, and he said I looked really familiar and asked if I worked in tech, but I told him no, I actually work in healthcare. I asked about his dog and found out her name is Cora and she is 6 y/o (white medium size dog with gorgeous blue eyes). The conversation was short and my name was called for my coffee, so I said bye to Cora and maybe he thought I was saying bye to him too because they left, and maybe I'm reading into things too much bc I definitely thought there was a vibe, but I really wish I would have just asked for his number. Here's to hoping the internet can maybe help us connect. :)
Posted: Thursday. May 02, 2024.
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