New York City
We saw a duck and her ducklings crossing through the line. Your talkative friend said something like, ?Oh no! They?re crossing the highway!? He also said he?s from Brooklyn and that he?s in the process of a move. I mentioned I have a friend from college who is from Harlem. I always like to learn more about NYC from locals so was interested in talking with him/you all but my dad got talking about sports and didn?t stop for the rest of the line! I noticed you respectfully catching glimpses of me throughout our time in line. Towards the end of the line when you were looking at me, I tried to meet your gaze. I NEVER do this. Not one damn time before this. ???? Your eyes shot down immediately as with your head. This whole thing has struck me as wonderfully peculiar. I?m genuinely curious what this was and who you are. I?ve never felt like I?ve spoken to someone that I haven?t. signed, girl in the green hoodie p.s. i?ve been building up the nerve for two weeks to do this. ????????????????
Posted: Sunday. April 28, 2024.
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