New York City
To the kind, charming, sweet-smelling, tall Black man in a blue suit on the 7 train. I regret interrupting our conversation to tell you we?d reached your stop (Grand Central). I shoulda let you keep riding into Queens with me. I shoulda given you my name and my number. I shoulda hopped off with you. Or hopped off once I saw you looking back at me grinning (I was returning the grin and blushing of course). I wish I knew what you were shouting back at me - I couldn?t hear it over the station noise - was it your name? An invitation to hop off and get dinner? Maybe you?ll see this and you can tell me then. Sincerely - the woman with magenta streaks in her hair who tapped you on the shoulder to share the leaning space with you.
Posted: Tuesday. April 09, 2024.
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