New York City
You: Tall, brown skinned man, wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a tee, fun dancer, fun friends, late twenties?? Me: Blonde, black strapless top and studded jeans, with 3 friends. 29! We were dancing near each other towards the back of Skepta at mirage which would have been an ironic meet cute. There was a guy in a mask dancing next to you (lol). We kept making eye contact and it was kinda fun. We did the thing where we kept moving a little closer to each other but then once we were, we got a little nervous and neither one of us made a move. I was hyping myself up to say something to you but then my friends wanted to leave. Now I?m in an Uber beating myself up for not saying something. Wish you had my number!!!
Posted: Saturday. April 06, 2024.
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