New York City
Last night I was an audience member of the NYC Broadway magic show, "Stalker," by magicians Peter Brynolf, Jonas Ljung and Edward Af Sill?n. During the show, I participated in an illusion where Peter Brynolf and Jonas Ljung instantly created a mixtape for two young, straight singles in the audience. Yep, you guessed it: it was for me and a fellow, random audience member named Simone. I was encouraged to ask Simone out after the show, but Simone vanished from the audience before the show ended. (This was not part of the magic act.) So I talked with Jonas Ljung after the show, and he encouraged me to post this story on Reddit/the Internet so that perhaps I could reunite with Simone to ask her out, which I think could be fun. Simone, if you?re out there and you were in the audience at last night?s show, then send me a DM.* I?d like to invite you for a drink. Cheers! *Or please share this post?especially if you know the Simone who attended the March 30, 2024 "Stalker" Broadway magic act. **P.S. I also understand the irony of this post considering that the theme and title of the magic act is "Stalker." ????
Posted: Sunday. March 31, 2024.
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