New York City
We were both leaving Governors Island in the 3pm ferry. You sat down right next to me after we both caught eyes, smiled/ chuckled to each other and I awkwardly scooted to the side for you to sit down. Out of nervousness, I started writing in a small notebook, but couldn't help but notice you/ feel your presence next to me. You had on a tan jacket, dark grey hoodie, and a tan hat with a black backpack that had a carhartt patch with exposed screwdrivers in the pocket. I do remember admiring your tan/ grey color palette. I was wearing a black jacket and olive green beanie. We both got off the ferry and walked to the South Ferry subway terminal at a similar pace. As I entered the terminal for the W line, you walked towards the 1 line, yet we both looked back for one last glance. From the time you sat down, to the moment we parted ways, I wanted to muster up the courage to say something to you, but was feeling rather shy. I kept thinking about you and our missed connection until my next stop in hopes to run into you again. I have never posted a missed connection before, but felt compelled to in case you might have felt the same way in that moment. If you did, please reach back out :)
Posted: Wednesday. March 27, 2024.
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