New York City
I noticed you (tall, handsome, curly hair) while we both were waiting to board our flight to Detroit. You were attractive, but you also seemed... kind? Not sure how to explain it, but your eyes said it all. This was confirmed when you helped me (5'2" Black woman with two-strand twists who spent a few days in San Diego) put up my carry-on and take it down. We chatted for a bit at the Detroit airport. You mentioned going to NYC for a friend's wedding and being a native Californian who lives in San Diego. You were really easy to talk to, and I wish we'd had more time to chat before we had to make our respective next flights. Kicking myself for not giving you my number/IG so that we could maybe continue the convo while you're in New York!!
Posted: Thursday. March 14, 2024.
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