New York City
I said you have great hair you were listening to music or heard me but didn't respond yet we got into the same train and I was sitting right front of you I saw that you looked at me too I am always shy and nervous I cant make eye contact . I swear I regret it . I missed many connection in NYC but your face I cant forget and first time posting for you. I dont think I will find you here I swear I miss you I was going to follow you but I was scared you may not like that I was going to say something. the girl with great hair and handbag I wanna see you again . your look your expression its out of the world I don't know if you noticed but we have similar face I just wanna find you thats all I know it cant be that you are lost forever ! I wasn't at my best look as I dont sleep for days whenever I go to NYC I feel really bad I know I wont find you my intuition is almost always right the post is today but we met on march 2nd 2024
Posted: Sunday. March 03, 2024.
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