New York City
Spilling my feelings on Valentine?s Day flight from LGA to ORD. I saw you when you picked up my phone when it fell down at LGA airport. I looked at you and thanked you. At that time I felt something in my heart it gave me shimmering beautiful feelings. Your phone falls while you stood up and leave the seat. As soon as I realize it was on your seat, I ran after you to give your phone. You were tall and I saw you in the millions, I handed over to you and came back to my seat, turns out we had the same flight, I saw you again. My heart wanted to talk to you at least ask your name but was too shy to talk to you. After we land to ORD you waived at me where bagging area and said ?thank you, I appreciate it and smiled, saying Happy Valentine?s Day?. I got excited to see you again, you were in my mind whole time, and yes too shy to come closer to ask your name. During the flight you were walking from front to the back of the plane, I thought you probably looking for me.I saw you once again on blue line subway to downtown.????????You are still on my mind. Hopeful you will read this and get back to me Email me. Sincerely yours, D.S
Posted: Sunday. February 18, 2024.
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