New York City
I got on the L at 14th street last night (2/16) with a guy I was just on a date with, and you held the door open for us. Then my date got off at his stop and you asked me if I was on a date and I said yes it was a first one. We talked a bit about dating in NY, I?m 26, you?re 24, you?re emotionally unavailable (since you have long hours) and we both do consulting. I got off at 3rd Ave and immediately regretted not getting your number. I know you said you?re emotionally unavailable but I felt more in that 5 minute conversation than I did on the whole date I had just been on, and I couldn?t stop thinking about you the rest of that night. Let me know if you wanna see where it goes?
Posted: Saturday. February 17, 2024.
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