New York City
Him: Tall with glasses, wearing a black beanie, gray peacoat, brown pants, boots, and a black backpack. We were on the A train headed downtown on Saturday 1/20. You got on, and were playing chess on your phone. At one stop, a boy selling candy with his mother got on. One by one, riders turned down his candy, but not you! You immediately reached for your wallet and bought a pack of gum, gifting your change to the boy. My friend and I were standing in the corner, talking about Fourth Wing. She?s beautiful, smart, and tall with long brown hair. She noticed you right away and your kindness. I?m writing this missed connection, hoping I can help my friend find you! If this is you, let me know what was written on your backpack. We got off at Fulton, and regretted not making a connection.
Posted: Sunday. January 21, 2024.
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