New York City
We both were waiting for the subway, I was with 3 other people while waiting by the platform. You were taller, dark clothes, hazel brown ish eyes, hood up, and glasses from what I remember. I was much shorter, black short hair, gold puffy jacket, black pants, dark backpack, and had colorful butterfly tattoos across my face. From a distance it might have just looked shiny glitter/glow to my face. We kept making eye contact intensely, maybe accidentally, certainly awkwardly multiple times. I started to become confused and concerned visibly on why you were staring so much and how it kept happening. Eventually I turned away from your overall direction. I assumed I must have looked weird and that's why you stared so intensely, why we kept locking eyes over and over like some odd little game. I feel so silly for not just asking, I wanted to know what you were thinking. I'd still like to, I hope this reaches you.
Posted: Wednesday. December 27, 2023.
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