New York City
yea the day was cold and i had a fair amount to do ... Unfortunately one was a funeral of a neighborhood "mother " awesome person ..she looked totally awesome laying in state ..a true testimony to her life and joy she's given to us all ... funerals are something that really bother me based on my own mortality thoughts as of late ,,after her services I move on with my day I work as A elevator Inspector and I now have a few Inspections in the city lower manh delancey street area .. its cold out and i hate the cold but it is what it is ..Ive been craving a whitefish sandwich on a everything whole wheat bagel sandwich..walking along housing street I happen on a small bagel shop had I checked the phone that's been ringing I would have missed it ... I look inside ..I see a few chairs and figure its cold out. I have a decent train ride back to the Bronx so I go .. I order my sandwich and a coffee .. and I'm hoping that as things are made maybe a seat will free up .. hearing my name I pick up my order and look around and a bunch of kidz probably from a nearby highschool are still sitting and Bs ing all tables are taken so I figured ok so it looks like I'm getting on train and eating this at home ..I'm setting my food on a small edge near a small table with two chairs with a single lady sitting ... I hear her say "your welcome to sit here if you like ( Hells yea I'm thinking She's is cute as hell !!!!!! ) ..I acknowledge and thank her for her kindness .... the moment isn't awkward at all was like we knew each other our conversation was immediate and interesting she's originally from texas now living in Brooklyn with her husband ( damn ) ... we go on talking I tell her I'm a elevator inspector from the Bronx ..currently retired conversation is still going great were talking and Joking and she laughing ..she takes of a knitted hat like she decides to stay a while and she and I do .. I put away the thoughts of her and that she's a married woman ..I'm focused on how attracted i'm to her .. her Wire framed glasses, her hair, her smile, even the little folds of her face when she's laughing at all my jokes. We tell stories of the differences of the south vs the north. I begin to think I do not want this to end ...I want to be with her I want to see more of her ,,but damn that husband thing ..she doesn't bring up husband in a way that makes me think she's pushing away she's just sayin what is ...well the place is getting more and more crowded people are now looking for seats and it apparent that we are finished ..not only with food but with this enjoyable encounter ..we look at each other I want to give her my contact information but shes married ,,,I feel jealous and envious of her husband and a pending doom of a meeting ending ,,, we finally realize this meeting is over we collect our garbage and me my thoughts .. niceties are exchanged and I thank her for a a wonderful conversation and thanking her for allowing me a few moments into her day ..her name was ( left blank intentionally) .. and even I just met her and most likel y will never see here again it was a Festivus Moment ..and I'l miss her
Posted: Sunday. December 24, 2023.
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