New York City
LOOKING FOR THE GREEK(?) GENTLEMAN AT WHOLE FOODS We ran across each other when shopping at Whole Foods (on Third Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan) about two years ago. I was alone but you were shopping with some friends, and we noticed each other. I, however, was shy about striking up an acquaintance with someone I had just chanced to run across while grocery shopping, so I kind of pushed you away (metaphorically, that is). Nonetheless, I keep thinking about you (particularly recently, for some reason), and wish that I had allowed us the opportunity of getting to know each other. If you chance to read this? I really appreciate that you were such a gentleman during our interaction, and hope to have the privilege of getting to know you. Please accept my warm greetings from the cold East Coast of the U.S.!
Posted: Thursday. November 30, 2023.
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