New York City
Location: Starbucks on 42nd st between 3rd and lex Time: 9:10-9:20am I was waiting on line waiting to order ahead of 2 other people when a third person asks if this is the line. I said yes. A good looking man (white) wearing all black, no jacket, and had tattoos was also on line - I was head of him by one person. He got confused and asked me if I've already ordered and I kindly said yes. It was kind of awkward for everyone bc the French guy kept saying this is not the line or whatever. Anyway, I ordered and waited for my drink to be called. He was standing next to me and we both laughed about how awkward that situation was. There was some flirt happening in our eyes (maybe I'm delulu) lol I got my drink and we both said have a good day! He ordered and stepped away. I had to wait for my bagel and waited by the doors. As he was walking out, he stopped, we smiled and then he opened the door and held it for someone else. I looked back and he was also looking right at me. I believe his name is Brendan or Brandon. Anyway, all black outfit, no jacket, tattoos, and I believe he went in the building (Mt Sinai/wells Fargo's and across Capital Grille) Anyway - it felt like love at first sight or again maybe I'm delulu but a girl can dream and hope we run into each other! Help a girl out of this guy sounds familiar!
Posted: Tuesday. November 28, 2023.
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