New York City
I was looking up at the time board to see when the J train would eventually arrive, black mask pulled down, wearing a long tan coat and carrying an animal print bag - and looked down to meet your eyes. Either you think I looked crazy (which is acceptable as it is Monday after the holiday) but the fact that when I turned around you met my eyes again - told me otherwise. The intensity of the look made me start questioning everything - like that meme from the Hangover movie where he starts doing equations in his head at the casino. I turned away thinking hmm, what a gorgeous guy but clearly he?s got somewhere to be - until I turned back AGAIN to meet your eyes as you were going downstairs. I wish you ran back up to get my number. Maybe I should have been the bold one but I wasn?t expecting to be taken aback. I also didn?t have any business cards on me. ANYWAYS, if you?re the guy with bright green eyes, dark hair, slightly tanned skin and I can?t recall if it was a black jacket or tan - let?s go out sometime. It was around 5:45 and you had to be taking the NQR or 6.
Posted: Monday. November 27, 2023.
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