New York City
It was around 11pm and you were a little turned around on the 14th Street/6 Av F Train platform (it's the orange line as a helpful note). I was on my way home from a concert and the platform was pretty empty, save for some construction going on at one of the far ends. You, very politely, came up to me and wanted to know how to get to Delaney Street since your phone was dying (we worked it out that you were actually trying to go to Delancey). I was getting on the F too and told you how many stops to go to get to where you needed. We chatted for the ride and you mentioned you were traveling from Philly on a solo trip to see NYC for the first time. I had plans for some Popeyes and pumpkin pie the next day, and you had tickets to the parade then a show at the Comedy Cellar in the evening. You also mentioned wanting to walk around Central Park, and I told you that the best corner was where the Plaza Hotel is (personal favorite). You said you were originally from Mississippi and I said I was from Atlanta and we bonded over the best fast food fried chicken places. We started talking about art and places to go, which I recommended the Met. I also mentioned my personal favorite, The Neue, where the Klimts are. You, very smoothly I might add, asked if I wanted to go with you on Thanksgiving to The Met. I turned you down, given that it was probably closed and I had work on Black Friday so my plan was a very quiet day in to charge up before the chaos. Your stop was coming up, and I didn't get your contact. I really enjoyed talking to you and would love to try to re-connect. It may have been a passing ships kind of thing, but here's to hoping.
Posted: Thursday. November 23, 2023.
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