New York City
Met this girl at Industry Bar @ Hells Kitchen On Saturday November 11th. Her name was Yuliana from Texas? She was with two of her gay friends, one was from Baja Mexico. I don?t remember that much info tbh just remember she was beautiful. Tall, Short dark hair, small nose, amazing lips, great kisser. We looked at each other and instantly started to kiss. Never done that before, I usually try to meet someone before kissing them but I felt I knew her from before. (She told me she felt the same) We made out for a long time and exchange some information about us, but we were just feeling it and living in the moment so I didn?t asked her for her number or insta. She went out to smoke and I went to another bar with the promise to meet again but we didn?t. Since then I have that strange feeling that I lost a meaningful connection.
Posted: Thursday. November 16, 2023.
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