New York City
You were sitting at Freeman?s around 12:30pm on Sunday (10/15), one table away from the entrance. You?re an elegantly tall girl with short-ish brown hair and light eyes, and were sitting across from a guy with dark hair. I walked by with some friends in tow, heading upstairs to be seated, tall (6?5) messy dirty-blonde hair, wearing a navy blue coat, grey pants, and black blundstones. You caught my eye (I stopped for a half second) and I think I caught yours, but wasn?t sure. When I finally mustered up the courage to come by again (and risk interrupting), you were gone. If you think you saw what I think I saw, or just believe that us tall people need to stick together, then I?d love to meet you. I hope you see this :)
Posted: Tuesday. October 17, 2023.
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