New York City
Hi everyone! I'm so tired of the dating scene, it's like those memes 'there are plenty of fish in the sea' and then a series of deep sea creatures with edits over the top. ORR, everyone gets so exhausted by all the choices that conversations fall off and dates never come through (I am equally at fault). Instead of a shot in hell trying my luck at bossa or carmelos, I figured I'd post here! Me: 25 yo woman, cute, big hair. Bread job bartender but freelancing in fashion. When I'm up and about I like to spend time in my studio, walk around diff areas with a coffee and headphones, and hang out w my friends. When I'm sad I like to sit by the lighthouse at Roosevelt Island or cuddle in a bath. You: Preferably around the same age or a tad older, employed (bread job is fine, if youre in a creative field i dont expect you've 'made it' or whatever that implies), and funny!! please i LOVE funny. Also, please respect women, dont be racist or homophobic <3 This isn't a one-way interview, if you have questions for me, please ask!
Posted: Monday. October 09, 2023.
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