New York City
This was on the Manhattan bound 4 train Sunday evening around 6pm, I got on at the 138th Concourse stop. If I remember correctly, I think you were wearing green shirt, plaid shorts, and running shoes sitting across from me. In my peripheral vision, I noticed that you would angle towards me and it seemed like you wanted to say something to me, but weren't sure how to approach? Idk probably because I was glued to my phone. When I would look up, you would glance away from me with a smirk on your face. If I looked towards the other side of the train, you would also do the same thing. Initially you weren't on your phone, but slightly copied what I was doing afterwards. Then, you eventually got off at 14th Union Square. This probably sounds so insane, but if you happen to come across this I'd love to connect!
Posted: Wednesday. October 04, 2023.
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