New York City
We met on Dekalb Ave platform around 10:15p. You: Reddish-brown hair in a bun. Caramel skin. Glasses, Thin Powder-blue / green sweater, white t-shirt, black flared pants with white Nikes. Me: Black dockers, gray t-shirt splattered with white paint, black cap. I was tired and beat from the day. But I noticed when you arrived nearby on the platform. The train came. I took a seat and you were are the door. We exchanged looks?again and again. You got off at Parkside, and you held your gaze through the window as you passed by, subtly fixing your glasses. You don?t know that I attempted to dash off the train to meet you. But the doors closed in front of me. And here I am writing a missed connections with the hopes of seeing you again.
Posted: Saturday. September 23, 2023.
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