New York City
I was hanging with my dog, gazing out at the marina on Pier 5 when I spotted you coming out of a boat. Then you exited the dock with a skateboard. I am intrigued by your adventurous vibe... you must have a fascinating story! Later, I ran into you on the park path, headed in opposite directions. I smiled, but we were both in motion. YOU: Tousled brown hair, beard, sunglasses, medium-tall, cute ;) ME: Slender, bleached blonde Asian chic, medium height, pink sunnies, hoodie and shorts, walking with a medium-sized brown dog. I enjoy living an extraordinary, offbeat life as well! Hope to connect, perhaps over an urban hike? If it's you: What colors were your sunglasses and skateboard?
Posted: Saturday. September 16, 2023.
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