New York City
Me: Late 30s asian guy in a Beyonce RWT shirt You: Handsome, black baseball cap and tank top showing off those arms You asked me about the Jet Blue customer service line and we got to chatting about how fucked all the delays and cancellations are to New York. Your flight was cancelled and I thought mine was too. I learned my flight was just delayed so I left the line and awkwardly said goodbye. Then when I was lining up to board my flight, you appeared right beside me. I hid my excitement and got to some small talk. You said you live in the Bronx, and I said I live in Brooklyn. We parted ways since we had different boarding groups. I wasn?t sure if you were gay, but I should have asked for your contact info anyway. I?m still curious and would trek to Manhattan to get to know you more :)
Posted: Wednesday. September 13, 2023.
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