New York City
Where are you? Why did it have to go like this? Why does it feel like I'm stranded and alone in the middle of nowhere? I would give anything to see you again. I hate saying that. I hate showing this side. I'm too proud. But it's true. Did you move on? Have you forgotten about me? Because I will never forget you. Because I would go anywhere in this world to find you, if only I knew. I know it's dramatic. I know I'm dramatic. But it's also called passion. But it's also called love. This is what it did to me. I'm a wreck. I'm losing my mind. All I do is cry. Because you've got a precious resource. I can't find it anywhere else. Because we have the most valuable connection. I can't find it anywhere else. I have looked behind every door. It doesn't exist anywhere else. But in you. The power you hold over me. I want it more than life. Tell me what I have to do, because I'll do it. No questions asked. I'll act like a tough guy. But it's not true. You have to see through. Don't buy the act. I can't control it. The truth is, I'm pining over you. The truth is, I'm crying because I want you more than any words could suffice. The truth is I don't know that I'll survive this life, if I don't find you. And well, I think you're the best out there. You took my heart. Can I have it and you back?
Posted: Sunday. September 10, 2023.
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