New York City
You: tall, dark and handsome in a grey t shirt, and ahead of me in the barely-moving crowd waiting to walk down the escalators. You kept turning back to joke with your friend behind you and we locked eyes. Intensely. TWICE. Me: long blonde hair - Was caught off guard the first time you looked at me, then very much kept my eyes on you to see if you would look again. You DID. And it knocked the wind out of me in a way I have never experienced in my life. But my friend got impatient and wanted to exit down the other side, so we turned and left. I tried looking for you while we were walking down, but didn?t see you. I have not stopped thinking about how that look made me feel, hence me posting this. Hoping you come looking for this exact note and reach out. :)
Posted: Sunday. August 27, 2023.
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