New York City
This was the train that was supposed to be on track 302 but just didn't show up for a while then got moved to track 303 and left 15 minutes late. I walked down and saw you sitting there with a friend wearing a black and white shirt. I noticed you and wanted to say something but I was more concerned about the train that was supposed to be there but wasn't. When the correct track got announced we both walked in the same direction (towards the train) and ended up getting on the same car a couple rows away from each other, facing each other. You switched into a brown hoodie at some point, and you were wearing some sort of light up bracelet. At first I didn't want to say anything because you seemed tired and I didn't want to bug you and your friend on your way home (presumably). We kept making eye contact but I didn't want you to think I was staring at you. I was starting to muster up some courage when a bunch of drunk teenagers coming from the mets game got on the train and sat in between where we were sitting. They were really loud and kept giving each other trivia/geography questions that were so obvious but they also kept getting wrong. It was quite loud and annoying but we kept making eye contact. I wanted to say something but it's kind of hard to ask someone for their number surrounded by a bunch of drunk teens who can't figure out which countries border Spain. So I got off at my stop and you stayed on the train, but you were really cute and had such a beautiful smile. Idk if I'm expecting anything to happen after I post this but who knows. I was wearing the green shirt btw ???????????
Posted: Sunday. August 13, 2023.
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