New York City
It was last Sunday, 8/6. My coworkers and I had a weekend event to attend and went to a restaurant near by for brunch. You must have seen us walking by earlier because as I was walking back towards the subway, you - in a black suit standing outside of Catch, (it was hot af that day so going to assume you work there?) - stopped me and asked where my friends were. I was taken aback because you were really handsome and I definitely fumbled at the mouth once I realized you were talking to me. I quickly mentioned I was working and those were my coworkers and I was headed to another event, I think? I don?t remember if you said anything back but I think I said have a great day ugh idk I was really caught off guard? So much I called my friend as soon as I made it to the next block and told him about our short-lived run in and how I tripped up (yet again). As described by one of my friends that day, I looked like a ?cute-ass picnic blanket? bright blue/white dress, gold cat-eye sunglasses, a bright green bag, white AF1s, and my hair was in a bun.
Posted: Friday. August 11, 2023.
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