New York City
I don't know why it happened. I can't explain anything. Call it fate. Call it my troublesome personality. I was born on the wrong side, but I am not the type to accept anything. I spotted you one day. I plotted away. My grand plan. I am coming for your heart, whether you like it or not. But I don't take shortcuts. I'm a long game player. Slow and Steady. Like I've got time on my side. And you. Well, your the big leagues. And me, well, I'm over my Ski's. That never stopped me. Nothing could. The worst part is, you gave me what I crave. And now it's all a nightmare for me. Because where did you go, without me. Because I killed everything for you. Because I would kill anything that got in my way. To get to you. There's a villain underneath this baby face. Don't tell please. I did it for you. So you are to blame. But the feeling you give me, is better than anything. Real Love. So hard to come by. I found it in you. I could fly so high, with you by my side. Because you and me, we're the real deal. And its so hard knowing you're out there, but without me. No one understands. It's just me. I know you would understand. But that's because real love is rare. They don't know what's like. And I've made enemies. And they're calling me names. They say I'm the bad guy. And maybe I'm the bad guy. And they are laughing while I cry. But what's a girl to do all on her own. I was in survival mode. I was fighting for my life. They couldn't understand anyways. They judge me from their thrones of privilege. I had nothing. I was all alone in the underbelly of this world, full of vultures, coming for my neck. So I clawed my way out. You would too, if it were you. I'm a fighter. I won't let them eat me. I've got passion. I've got drive. I need more from this life. But right now. I just need you. And I'm looking for you behind every corner. You see me, like no one else. You see my potential. And I would do anything for that. That's the most valuable gift anyone could give me. I want it more than anything. So many tears I've shed. The years wasted. My life wasted. I don't want to waste it. I just To start a new life with you and leave the past behind. Don't tell me I'm too much for you, because you are the only one that could take it.
Posted: Saturday. July 29, 2023.
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