New York City
Hi there. I was coming home from Manhattan on the Q train tonight Monday July 24th at around 11:00pm. She was sitting across the aisle from me and we exchanged a few smiles. I got on the Q train at 34th st/ Harold Square. I got off in Brooklyn at Cortelyou stop. She stayed on the train. I think she had a few tattoos that I could see. I do not want to hit on any woman on the subway. I also never used this site before. But something about her stuck in my mind. I know this is quite a long shot to find her, but I thought it?s worth a try. There was something about her that really stuck in my head. Perhaps she?ll see this message? or maybe I?ll see her on the subway again. Here?s to hoping to find her!!
Posted: Monday. July 24, 2023.
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