New York City
Not to be dramatic or anything but I saw you walk in with 3 other people and my heart skipped a beat. You were with another guy and two girls. You were Asian in a dark green shirt with yellow words, shorts, and Air Force ones. I?m Black and was wearing a black skort with a dark grey top and white sneakers. You asked the barista for napkins after I ordered then apologized and I said no worries even though you didn?t interrupt. We both sat back down in our respective seats but kept making eye contact and even my friend noticed. Maybe I read too much into it but you kept looking back and I kept looking up. When you left my heart sank a bit and my friend called out that she noticed us making eye contact. I wish I stoped you when leaving to let you know I really liked your style! Would love to grab coffee back at Dell?Aria together and get to know you!
Posted: Saturday. July 15, 2023.
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