New York City
You: A cute (maybe Spanish?) girl around 5'4 - 5'5ish in line right ahead in front of us at Starbucks. This was on Sunday, July 9, 2023, around 3:40-4 PM. You were wearing brown leggings, a white top, hair in a ponytail, a fanny/shoulderbag/purse(maybe?) over your shoulder like a hype beast, with a fresh pair of Jordans on. I was with 2 other people and we managed to get all 3 of our orders before you did even though we ordered after you. Me: 5'7 Asian guy wearing all Nike (Nike polo top, Nike shorts, and black Hurraches). We spoke about how your order is coming after ours but you weren't mad about it anymore, and you asked me where I was from, cause you thought we were New Yorkers (you said you thought you found your people). I told you that we were from Philly (specifically a couple of Philly dickheads), and we had to end the convo cause we had to run, but I would have loved to have grabbed your number and kept the convo going!
Posted: Monday. July 10, 2023.
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