New York City
I was walking through Soho in the beginning of June and met a lot of people, I was a little overwhelmed bc of a personal situation so I didn't had the chance to get info on anyone I met, we talked in a staircase and you had a dog named Luna, you said it was a Mexican dog and Im from Mexico, also I met another guy, we spent a couple minutes talking over statik selektha promo poster and we shared some music taste. I felt great after talking to you, and missed the opportunity to grab your info. I met more people that day, an awesome artists, we talked about your influences and u said Kandinsky was your inspiration, I remember your name was something like the painter dancer but I could never find your social media based on that so I could follow your art. It was a great day after everything thanks to you all.
Posted: Wednesday. June 28, 2023.
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