New York City
I met with her for the first time in months, and she was more beautiful than when we were together. We went and had dinner together in KTown, then we got dessert and went for a walk around midtown, and I cherished every second that we talked. I know what love is whenever I?m with her, and I feel it from her every time. This is not our time, but one day I want it to be because that is my person. At the end of our walk we sat together and looked at the sky while we spoke about our lives and I have never felt more connected with a person than in that moment. I love her deeply and I always will, and no matter what the circumstances of our relationship may be, if she is happy then I am too. My life long friend, and one day hopefully my partner. May the universe always protect her and give her what she wants.
Posted: Friday. June 23, 2023.
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