New York City
I got on to the g train headed towards LIC at stop Greenpoint Ave and was wearing a pink floral dress. He was already in the train sitting at one end of the bench and I sat at the other. He was in workout clothes with a gym bag, had a hat on and was reading a book. We was tall and gorgeous. Brown hair, caucasian, strong jawline lol. While I was on the train I caught him looking at my in the reflection of our train car a few times figured maybe it was an accident. We got off at court square I believe and both made our walks over to the E without speaking but I saw him look back at me a few times. I went to the manahattan bound and he the queens. Once I was waiting I looked up to see him staring at me from across the platform and I broke eye contact and looked away, then I caught him doing it again and smiled he smiled back. My train came and we looked at eachother as I got on kind of accepting this was probably never going to happen again.
Posted: Sunday. June 11, 2023.
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