New York City
We were both on our way to the Civil court of kings county BK to settle land disputes. Well i was on my way to the court house to settle and land dispute, he was going to work. He had on long Johns, but not ordinary ones. Ones with felix the cat on them. On top he wore a buttoned shirt, a tie and a mohair suit. We talked about creation and destruction, life and death, the ultimate moral question: does it makes sense to give your life to protect the lives of others. He had to go cus he said something about how the pants he had on were not serious enough for the meeting, business meeting, he had coming up. So he had to go home to change. We were both taking the q train downtown, but right as i stopped to take a sneeze, he left the car. To change his pants i would imagine. Please help!
Posted: Tuesday. June 06, 2023.
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