New York City
My heart is still racing from sitting across from him for an hour on the metro north! We chatted briefly throughout and I had full intentions to ask him for his number and I freaked out because I didn?t think there was any way he was single!!! But I can?t not try because his smile was perfection. We were both on the Metro North train to Grand Central from Westchester county, got into grand at 1040. He had a black Salty Crew hat, black lululemon outfit. American flag on the back of his phone case. He had a guitar, a backpack, golf clubs, and a duffel. He felt bad for having all his stuff in our row and apologized a lot and whispered ?thank you? at the end of the ride. I learned he is from Westchester county and visited for the weekend but was back to his apt in the city today He has the most stunning smile, sweet demeanor, and we kept looking at each other and looking away. I am so pissed at myself please helppppp
Posted: Monday. June 05, 2023.
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