New York City
I got on the 1 with my friend at 59th street, this guy was already on the train. We were in the second or third car, in the corner, he sat across from us. He was super cute- stocky/buff white guy (maybe 5?7 or 5?8), mid-20s, listening to air pods, carrying a beat up blue spiral notebook. He was wearing a blue t shirt- I think it had the Chicago cubs on it. I was wearing my glasses, a grey headband, had my hair up, purple/grayish backpack- there were white flowers on my black leggings. My friend had a big bag and a tie-dye t shirt on. We made eye contact a few times- I was definitely checking him out, but my friend and I were having a conversation and he didn?t want to interrupt. He got off at 145th, around 9:30pm. I should have said something!
Posted: Friday. May 26, 2023.
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