New York City
To the girl with her grandparents at the Metropolitan museum of art On Sunday (may 7th). In the middle eastern section. I wanted to talk to you but never got the chance to go and ask you because I went to get my sister food. I've felt bad ever since. I was the guy (17) that was wearing all white linen pants and button up, and walking around with my father and sister. I saw you when you were sitting on the bench with your grandparents and thought it was the most admirable thing. I first caught a glimpse of you when I was walking around room to room and I thought you were very pretty I just want to see if you are doing well. I think you were also Persian as I am and that explains why when you were taking pictures of the Persian Rugs and thought they were cool. Leave a message on this post or contact me on instagram @dari.ush6428 it's my second account so it won't have any followers. I made a second account so I don't get a lot of random DMS but send a Dm and I will see it, or comment here. -Dariush
Posted: Wednesday. May 10, 2023.
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